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Interview Coaching - Jackie Masterson

Need to improve your interview skills?
You are not alone

If your written application has done the job of showing your potential and securing an interview, then interview preparation is vital. It can be easy to undersell yourself or fail to match the best of your skills and experience to the role.

Interview coaching will help you understand what your interviewer is looking for, create stories around your work experience and how those relate to the role, and build your confidence with a structured, concise approach.

Learn how to demonstrate your experience and the value you can bring in a positive and persuasive way.



Presenting yourself as the perfect match

Interview Coaching will help you prepare for interview through essential practice and comprehensive, honest and constructive feedback. Sessions usually cover:

  • Developing your bank of knowledge so you can be specific and concise
  • Understanding different types of interview questions
  • Learning strategies for behavioral based interviews and general interview questions
  • Developing stories around your work experience knowledge and motivation
  • Creating your elevator pitch, improve responses and match body language
  • Understanding your value and competencies and align these with the organisation
  • Gaining clarity on your strengths and areas for development
  • What questions to ask the interviewer
  • Tips for calming your nerves and anxiety
  • Gaining confidence that will boost your performance in your next Interview

Interview Coaching sessions run for 90 minutes

Follow up sessions are available and run for 60 minutes.

All sessions are tailored to your specific needs.

Prepare for success.

To book this session or learn more, please contact me via the contact button below.

Who I work with

I work with a wide variety of individuals across a breadth of sectors, job roles and industries including:

  • Community Services
  • Government and Education
  • Managers and senior Executives
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Medical Interviews
  • Graduate Interviews
  • Firefighter (CFA and MFB)
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Legal
  • Creative industries

The moment I met Jackie I felt at ease and confident that she would be able to help me. Interviews are my Achilles heel and now I understand that what is required is confidence and faith in yourself and lots of practice. We went through a long set of potential questions, and Jackie’s feedback and reframing of the answer gave me a lot of insight into what is needed to succeed in an interview. Thank you so much Jackie, I have already recommended you to my contacts.

Leigh – Project Officer

How I can help

I offer a large range of coaching and training services for both organisations and individuals:
  • Professional career coaching
  • Interview coaching
  • Follow-up sessions
  • Job searching coaching
  • Personality assessments
  • Executive career coaching
  • Student career coaching
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