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Jackie Marsterson

As your Career Coach I will help you to make effective choices for your future.

If you feel lost, lack direction and don’t know where to begin, I have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process. You will gain clarity, explore your options, understand your unique strengths and build confidence in your decision making to create an action plan to move forward.

I have worked with a wide variety of individuals, across a breadth of sectors job roles and experiences. I am familiar with many of the common themes for seeking career coaching, such as:

  • Feeling stuck and knowing they want to make a change, but overwhelmed as to how to start
  • Have a few ideas about what they want, but needing direction and guidance
  • Confused and looking for purpose and meaning in a career
  • Have a gap in their career and are lacking confidence in how to move forward
  • University students who don’t know where their degree is taking them
  • Coming to the end of working life but not ready to retire and want to keep going
  • School students who want to explore career options and understand the world of further study and work
  • Seeking an understanding of what careers are suitable for your personality type



Personally tailored
for your needs

I believe that every client I meet with is unique, and therefore, each session is tailored to ensure I work to meet your needs.

Some of the broad areas our sessions may cover:

  • Explore your career options and get help identifying the career that best suits you
  • Understand your unique strengths and values
  • Appreciate and acknowledge your skills, abilities and achievements
  • Give you a genuine confidence boost
  • Challenge the thought processes that may be holding you back
  • Guidance on further study and careers being considered
  • Feedback on resumes and how to tailor it for different positions
  • Develop an action plan to set you on the path to a fulfilling career

Career Coaching sessions run for 90 minutes and are directed to the areas you need assistance with. Zoom sessions are also available.

Follow up sessions can be scheduled and usually run for 60 minutes. Every session is personally tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

Have confidence in the way forward.

To book this session or learn more, please contact me via the contact button below.

Understanding you
to create your future

When you decide to go ahead with a session I may ask you to complete:

1. Career Interests Profiler

The Career Interests Profiler assesses your interest in a variety of activities, industries and occupations, to determine the careers and areas of study you are most likely to enjoy. The Profiler considers an extensive database of more than 500 careers and courses to identify potential areas that best match your interests and skills. Duration: Approximately 20 minutes

2. Career Personality Profiler

The Career Personality Profiler is based on the theory of psychological types described by Swiss psychiatrist C.G Jung and Isabel Myers. It assesses four aspects of your personality based on the following scales: Informer-Reflector, Producer-Creator, Analyser-Helper and Planner-Adapter; to better understand your likely personality traits and therefore, likely approaches to tasks and information. Duration: Approximately 10 minutes

3. Morrisby Profiler


“The career counselling sessions have been extremely helpful in guiding me through this transition period. The interview coaching sessions were also an eye opener, I never knew that an elevator pitch could be articulated so elegantly and natural! You’ve given me confidence and the courage to put myself back on track and to find my next adventure. I would not have been as positive in this period without your kind words and guidance. I’m grateful and happy knowing that many more people who come after me will be benefiting from your sessions and find new courage to achieve their career goals.”

Andrea – Senior Communications officer

How I can help

I offer a large range of coaching and training services for both organisations and individuals:
  • Professional career coaching
  • Interview coaching
  • Follow-up sessions
  • Job searching coaching
  • Personality assessments
  • Executive career coaching
  • Student career coaching
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