Is your career path clear?

February 12, 2019

Is your career path clear?

February 12, 2019by Jackie Marsterson

We have come to the end of January 2019. This month is the most popular month by far to set personal goals.


Regrettably, a high percentage of goals set will not be achieved and they will often be given up before February!


Why is this?


We often set ourselves unrealistic goals

The goal can be too big. It’s like saying you want to run a marathon knowing you have barely run a few kilometers and have no idea of the time commitment to achieve the constant training required.


Not understanding the motivation and purpose for your goal

What is driving you to want to achieve the goal. You need to gain clarity on this. Also, we are often influenced by others, seeing what they are achieving and wanting to replicate it.  You need to truly understand your goal and the purpose of that goal. Only through this understanding will you be fully committed to the process.


Only seeing the big picture

I see many clients who want to change careers visualizing what they want but find it hard to put the steps in place to get them there, putting together an action plan can be tedious and detailed. If you are someone who is creative, often I suggest creating a mind map and brainstorming ideas and thoughts that help to make up that big picture thinking, and create ways to achieve the vision.


Not being patient

Patience is a virtue. In the world we live in we want instant results! Achieving goals takes time, so taking a step back and noticing the small things achieved and celebrating them is important. If you are considering a career change, factor into your week some time for research, networking and information gathering. At the end of that week evaluate your progress, pat yourself on the back and then move on to the next step, knowing you are closer to achieving your goal each time


Giving up at the first hurdle

When the going gets tough the tough don’t always get going. Roadblocks will need to be overcome where ever you turn. It’s up to you to find that grit to push through. It may be visualizing what it’s going to feel like when your goal is achieved, but finding what best works for you will help when it’s hard



If you think you can you can. If you think you can’t you can’t. This is a well-known saying that happens to be true! Our minds are powerful and the language we use when talking to ourselves will be the difference between achieving our goal or not. Be aware of the self-talk; challenge the negative thoughts, question them, asking were they come from.


Whatever your goal is, small or big, putting simple steps in place to get there will make all the difference.